Gilles Tressos


Following his first prize in saxophone and in music chamber at the Paris Conservatoire, Gilles Tressos was appointed teacher in the National Conservatory of the Poitiers region in 1990 after passing the Higher Diploma of Saxophone Teaching (the French “Certificat d’Aptitude”) in saxophone at the age of 20.

Since October 2006, Gilles Tressos has been teaching in the Paris Conservatoire in the PEDAGOGY– TEACHER TRAINING Department. As he was working as a teacher trainer in Poitiers music teaching centre (CEFEDEM), the Ministry of Culture entrusted him with programming and coordinating the examination preparation of the Higher Diploma of Music Teaching (C.A.) from May 2004 to January 2005 (based in the National Conservatory of the Poitiers region). He is regularly invited to take part in exam juries such as D.E., (“Diplôme d’Etat”) C.A (“Certificat d’Aptitude”), C.N.F.P.T. (“Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale”) and C.N.S.M. (“Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique”) in Paris.

He has performed with various ensembles such as the Orchestre de l’Opéra de Paris, l’Ensemble court-circuit, l’Orchestre Poitou-Charentes, l’Orchestre d’Île de France, l’Orchestre National de France, L’Orchestre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine. He is regularly invited by the Ars Nova Ensemble ( with the aim of inaugurating the new auditorium theatre in Poitiers in October 2008)

Gilles Tressos has been consulted as a testing adviser for Selmer-Paris and helped devise the new barytone saxophone serie III since 2004. He created “Saxophone Evenement” in 2000 with which he organizes the Summer Habanera Academy in Poitiers as well as vocational periods aimed at preparing art teachers for their exams and competitions.

Within the Habanera Quartet, Gilles Tressos plays a Selmer barytone saxophone (serie III), Selmer neck serie III, Selmer mouthpiece S90 170, Vandoren reeds (strength 3), tradition BG ligature and BG Yoke strap.